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resting, doodling and holding love signs

Welcome to The Therapy Booth!

on August 21, 2012

This post was originally published on the original Therapy Booth Blog, 3/3/12. In the short six months since its introduction, The Therapy Booth has grown – and continues to grow – by leaps and bounds. Very relaxed leaps and bounds, of course. Here’s some background:

The Therapy Booth is Born

Almost five years ago, I was relatively new in Austin and was relishing the abundant live music scene. I hadn’t found my favorite venue in town, however, and I started to have the idea to have my own music venue, with all the sweet points that I felt would make it great –

~ plenty of fresh, clean water for everyone to drink, for free

~ no cigarette smoking, or relegated to one area

~ about 3/4 through a show, coming around with good snacks (imagine mini quiches)

– and, since I was a newly graduated and practicing mental health worker, I also envisioned The Therapy Booth. The vision was clear: a nice outdoor venue and me in my jeans and tank top and cowboy boots, all-access laminate around my neck; kicking back in my hut like Lucy, feet perched on the window, chilin’ to the music in-between clients.

Can’t you just hear the Allman Brothers Band totally jamming?

The Therapy Booth Today

The Therapy Booth vision has stayed with me, and, just recently, it has crawled over from the back seat and is now riding up the front. I’m pleased to say that it is unfolding naturally and in unexpected and joyous ways.

I am beginning to meet with friends on Skype, by phone, and in person, holding space for rest, more than anything else; and, where appropriate, deepening the conversation by directly looking into the nature of suffering: all gently and with the levity of Lucy in her booth. I’m so grateful for this opportunity and for how naturally it’s arising.

Love Signs

It also shows up by way of holding the Love sign. A few months ago, without any more reason besides being compelled to do it, I started hanging out on corners with a sign that says I LOVE YOU. Amazing things are happening. Here’s a Therapy Booth/Love Sign example:

On Valentine’s Day, I was sitting in the median of a busy intersection (Barton Springs Road and Lamar in Austin). During the red light, I started chatting with the guy who was pulled up next to me. I asked how his day had been, and he replied, right away, that he and his best friend “sleep together sometimes. And she’s late.”

He told me he’d spent the day in bed contemplating being a father and a few other personal specifics of their situation. All in the 90 seconds or so that the light was red. The light changed, I said, “I love you,” he drove away and I said, “That was so f***ing cool!” That’s what I really said! It was The Therapy Booth in full action, right there at Barton Springs and Lamar and Valentine’s Day, and I was so happy.

The Therapy Booth = Art Class

I also have the distinct honor and delight of teaching Creative Freedom Classes where full expression is celebrated and welcomed. In these classes, we aren’t trying to change anything about ourselves; and that, in and of itself, is a great therapeutic gift! I’ll write more about the classes on their own page. I’ll just say here that they are a thrill and are an integral part of the world of The Therapy Booth. They are also designed to train other therapists. I give continuing education units to social workers and LPCs in Texas (so far), and I’m working on creating some on-line classes so our friends all over the world can get into Therapy Booth Doodle Fun with us!

I’m so grateful at this unfolding and the spreading of good times, generosity, creativity, freedom and fun. I’m so happy we’re here together and I look forward to growing the world of The Therapy Booth in my town, in your town, and all over the world!

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