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Welcome Home

on November 27, 2012


I came across this book during my holiday travels this weekend. I was in the bustling Dallas/Fort-Worth airport, grabbing some Chinese food and a Starbucks in between flights. I didn’t get to read very much of it, but it did affirm my feeling that airports are great locations for The Therapy Booth. Having felt all sorts of emotions while traveling this weekend, I would have loved a stop-in at a booth.

On the way to NYC, I had a really early flight and had been going through a few weeks of rigor (see crying post below). It was a chat about The Therapy Booth with the fella next to me on the plane, begun by my saying, “It’s hard being a person sometimes,” when referring to a guy who got left behind in the airport who was having a stressful exchange with airport security, that got my head clearing. Laughs with a friendly stranger on an early-morning-hoping-to-shake-off-the-blues flight = very Therapy Booth.

Leaving NYC a few days later, I was filled with emotion. I hadn’t seen my dad in a year and my sister in almost two years, and I had a sweet visit with them both. Add to that a highly stimulating visit to New York, filled with love signs in Times Square

and Van Gogh’s thick brushstrokes.

How wonderful it would have been to have a little resting, regrouping, and creating space in the airport: a place where I could drink some fresh water, breathe for a few minutes, write, cry or doodle a bit about what I was experiencing.

What about when we get off the plane? I was so incredibly wiped out, exhausted, thirsty, tired, discombobulated when I finally arrived back in Austin, nine hours after I left the apartment in Manhattan. Usually, I just want to get the heck out of there — and that’s what I felt last night. But I’m curious: what if we had a place, like a car wash or a flight wash, where we could get grounded for a few minutes when coming off of a flight? A place to breathe, rest for a moment, have a Tell it! session, unleash whatever might be there, have some water, did I mention breathe? – before getting in the car with my roommates? Instead I was withdrawn and sleeping on the way home, disconnected and not sure what planet I was on.

A day later, I’m still not sure!

Something about coming home from travel, however long, however short, I’m always a little different, and sometimes a lot.

Having some space to regroup: definitely Therapy Booth.

It’s a grey and chilly day here in Austin, and I’m glad for the room to be pensive. Much to process and integrate. Blogging = Therapy Booth.

Welcome home.

Me, my dad and my sister, NYC


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  1. alice says:

    sweet post…welcome home!

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