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The Therapy Booth at the Airport

on August 30, 2012

This is one of the most well-received posts ever written for The Therapy Booth Blog. Here’s an encore presentation of it. I have an inkling Southwest Airlines (and/or Starbucks) might like to get on board with this. If you have a contact with SW, send them my way! Originally published April 23, 2012.

I have cried in airports more times than I can count or recall. When I was in high school and my sister was leaving for college, I was at her gate bawling like a baby. The next year when I was in college, I lost my tickets to go to New York for Thanksgiving and my boyfriend was in the hospital, and I cried and cried in the Miami airport. I remember a man approaching me. He said,

“I can see that you’re in pain. Is there anything I can do for you?”

So nice.

A few days ago, I dropped my best friend and her boyfriend off at the airport to go to her brother’s funeral. We were all crying, and I still hate even to type that that’s what we were up to at the airport. My poor sweet friend.

What if she had a spot to find some comfort in the airport?

What if, amidst the Starbucks and newsstands, there was a Therapy Booth in the airport? Picture this: soft tissues, good water to drink, gentle lighting and a friendly and open ear to hear, a hug, some snacks, doodle and writing supplies, maybe even a place to lie down . . . The Therapy Booth meets The Nap Shack in Terminal E.

The Therapy Booth at the Airport – and everywhere – is all-inclusive and open to everyone. One could also come in to share her delight or just to have a quiet moment to rest in the midst of a bustling day of travel.

Next time you’re in the airport, look around to see if this vision is clear to you, too. Between gates 39 and 40 . . .

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