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Super Quick Note to My Email Subscribers

on July 7, 2015


I am also an email subscriber to this blog, and I was surprised today to find that I had a new post in my in-box, because I haven’t written here in a while.

And then I saw that the post delivered was from last April (2014!). I have seen this happen once before, and I think it’s been the same post.

I just wanted to say that I don’t know why that’s happening, and please pardon me. I’m trying to sort out what makes them randomly appear, but so far, I just don’t know.

My intention is never to bombard you with emails, let alone old news. I’d rather share fresh news!

A happy thing: The world of Doodling is taking off Beautifully.

I have a new YouTube Channel, Doodling with Strangers, and I’d love for you to click and subscribe and watch some of the videos! This helps when I’m making the case for book publication (I’ve written over a year’s worth of doodle prompts and the book is coming next!), among other moves.

I’ve been Doodling with Strangers most days since March, and it’s amazing!

I continue to write the Trust Rest blog, too. With all of the other projects, I’m not writing there every single day, but in Trusting Rest, there’s no “should”. The blog is the perfect place to relax and stay true to my heart’s calling. Trusting Rest has worked out for me extremely well, and I’m super thankful and extremely loyal.

Coming up THIS SUNDAY July 12, I’m giving a FREE On-Line Doodle Party in honor of my Birthday (which is Wednesday, July 8, likely the day you’re seeing this!). All of that info is at this link, and you are most welcome to join us!

Doodling is The Therapy Booth on a whole other – yet similar – (and wonderful) level.

Thanks for reading and thanks for your patience with those random old posts. I’m glad you’re here with me.

Come doodle!

Much love,

carina digital

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