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Non-Traditional Career Counseling

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Click HERE to listen to an interview with me on New Paradigm Radio, all about Non-Traditional Career Counseling and lots of other things Therapy Booth (you know, resting, creating, the whole shebang).

Are you at a crossroads?

Many of us experience phases of no longer relating to the world we’ve been living in, and yet we’re not sure of where we’d prefer to turn.

My parents both fell in love with their career fields in their 20s and have worked in them with success and notoriety ever since. My life has taken a different course. I’ve had many jobs and attained certificates and degrees, some seemingly random and many with common threads. Some of us are meant to dial in to one field and stay with it forever. Others of us are destined to wander, following the meandering silver thread of the soul.

I’m here to help you draw your map.

In Non-traditional Career Counseling, we sift through what’s no longer current (though it may have brought joy in the past) and what’s not truly ours. We discover what voices are inherited and don’t serve us and what voices are truly ours that we can no longer ignore.

Drawing from my experience in counseling (LCSW), creativity coaching, inquiry facilitation, resting the mind, and listening deeply to the fluctuating and loyal call of my heart, I help you map what’s truly yours.

By simply exploring with creative questions and outside-of-the-box exercises, we open a channel to worlds we never imagined were so readily available to us.

Your joy is my joy. Let’s connect.

Scheduling and Fees

To schedule a session or package of sessions, contact me at
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Each session is 60 minutes and can be done in-person (currently in the Austin, Texas area) or on Skype.

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