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Living Inquiries

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Here’s a little video of me introducing myself and some of what I love about the Living Inquiries.

“After a great session with Carin, I am delightfully reminded of the difference between an intellectual understanding and a direct experience of inquiry. There is a massive gap between the two. I knew the theory . . . it’s nice to have the experience. I encourage all who appear to struggle, to look and inquire . . .”

M.B., London, England

 Living Inquiries ~ Freedom to Live

I am very pleased to offer Living Inquiry sessions. As simple, direct and all-inclusive as any style of therapy or relaxation technique that I have come across, I recommend these inquiries wholeheartedly.

The process is very simple. Quite plain, in fact. We are invited into our direct and immediate experience to find out if there’s anything at all that needs to be rejected. Including anything about our life and the way we are living it. In fact, we find out if anything we are experiencing is separate at all from life itself.

This is not a mental process. So you can stop thinking about it now.

Let’s look together.

~ ~ ~

Carin was one of my first choices when training Senior Facilitators in the Living Inquiries. She has been around my teaching for a long time, watching and helping it develop. As a facilitator, she is excellent, often encouraging clients to look at very subtle assumptions in their thinking. This kind of nuanced facilitating is quite effective as it leaves no stone unturned. She is passionate about this work and knows the ins and outs in minute detail.
I highly recommend her.
Scott Kiloby


About the Inquiries

Developed by Scott Kiloby as an integral part of his body of work, Living Inquiries, the Unfindable, Boomerang, Panorama and the Anxiety and Compulsion Inquiries are helping people every day see through the sense of personal separation and deficiency – and the weight of responsibility, worry and fear that come with it. What I’ve gained from working and living with these inquiries is freedom to live.

A natural relaxation comes with this experience. Does that mean everyone who does them is now lying around on the couch all day? Most definitely not. Life goes on in full technicolor, texture and flavor. Love goes on. Even heartache goes on. Happiness, bliss, grief and confusion. This is a life that leaves nothing out. And a freedom that surrounds and permeates all of it.

I recommend watching this video in which Scott facilitates an inquiry session.

Read more on the inquiries on the Living Inquiries Blog here at The Therapy Booth.


Meet on video conferencing, phone, or in person. Sessions typically run 60 – 90 minutes.

Contact me for pricing and scheduling.

For individualized packages, click here.

Email to schedule an inquiry session.

Thank you! See you soon!

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More Love for the Inquiries

“The session the other day–I can’t tell you Carin how profound I felt afterwards–like I could go on living!!   THIS is the life! Nothing else–no situation, accomplishment or anything. It is the silence within and inquiry! How grateful I am that this showed up in this life!” ~ C.S., USA

The Unfindable Inquiry technique helps me to realize that I am not the emotion I feel nor am I the physical symptoms associated with the emotion. I am the consciousness, the observer of these emotions and physical manifestations. I feel freedom in this. As this realization unfolds, relaxation creeps into my energy and I feel relief. Ahhh”
~ J.V., Redondo Beach, CA

Thank you so much. I’m honored to work with you. For those who might be interested, what occurred was powerful yet gentle . . . Most appreciated was the sense of caring, openness and ‘anything goes’ – along with clear awareness of both safety and guidance throughout the session. Very professional and helpful . . .
Safe! Experiential! I’d recommend giving this a try!”

~ K.S., Grand Rapids, MI



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