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Living Inquiries + Law of Attraction



Law of Attraction teachings can be so beautifully encouraging. But sometimes there are just those sticky spots that the suggestion to “find a better feeling thought” just don’t seem to shake loose. There are times when we’re doing our best to be positive and vibe with what we want, and it’s just not feeling authentic. Or we can just tell we’re really wobbly on a particular subject, but can’t seem to put it down and focus on something else.

Also the more we understand the subtleties of focusing like this, we may discover the need for a finely tuned instrument to help shine a light in some places.

A slowed down, precise meditation, Living Inquiries (LI) helps us look into the present experience to see what might be obstructing our sense of relief. Often simply in slowing down enough to look, the resistance is loosened. And it is even more worthwhile for those situations that just seem to keep repeating themselves and for the other manifestations that seem to be taking f o r e v e r to appear.

LI is a laser-like way of focusing that leaves no stone unturned. That is, we can use it to look deeply and accurately into any concept (money, abundance, resistance, positive, negative, source, higher self, etc.) and notice where we’re in fear, disbelief, or otherwise experiencing a sense of being held back.

This conversation will not complicate the already busily-affirming mind. Instead, everything will be met directly, quietly and with compassion. Abraham talks about making peace with what IS, and Living Inquiries helps with the direct recognition of that, no matter what state you are in.

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For those who are committed to being aware of how you feel, as well as increasing self-compassion in the process, it doesn’t get any better than this.

I am available for introductions to Living Inquires, during which you will have the opportunity to have an immediate experience of how it can be useful with Law of Attraction:

Local in Austin, Texas
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Stay tuned for free on-line intro opportunities.

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I have been a facilitator of Living Inquiries, as developed by Scott Kiloby, Fiona Young, Colette Kelso and a team of facilitators, since the inquiries first appeared on the scene. I have a background as a mental health therapist and today I write and speak about the importance of rest & creativity in our lives. Living Inquiries, as you will see, is based in rest. Imagine the creativity, too, that can unfold when you are not held back by subtle resistance. Hope to meet you all and do a little looking together soon! – Carin