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Following My Bliss & Sharing a Piece of Myself

on August 12, 2014

how dare you

Last spring I had the gumption and guts to do something I’ve been wanting to do for ages: make a book. I had been carrying around brown paper bags from grocery stores to use for the pages since December. I was fortunate to have a month’s respite from traveling and moving and allergizing at Austin’s The Writing Barn, which, of course, was a very appropriate place to make a book. And I did.

The first several hand-made copies of the book went out to winners of the How Dare You Make a Raffle contest, and now I get to share the books with the rest of the world. I’m excited!

The reviews are in:

“HOW DARE YOU touch me to the core? Really……Unexpected, weepy, appreciation for your vision and talent, gumption and vulnerability.”

“I love what you wrote, the expression, the realness of experience that touches us in our bones.”

“5 stars! No . . . make that 10 stars!”

“I love everything about it.”

I have a few limited edition copies available for sale. (If you want multiple copies, talk to me.)

Price, including shipping and handling, is $25 ($26.06 with PayPal fees) (outside of US, check with me — may be a few more bucks to mail).

 Buy Now at $26.06

I’m thrilled to be sharing these and love it that this is happening. But be careful if you order one: you may be inspired to make something!

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