The Therapy Booth

resting, doodling and holding love signs



My Part:

The Therapy Booth is born out of a longtime dream to have a therapy hut, like Lucy from Peanuts, at an outdoor music venue. Therapy Booth sessions now occur in person, on Skype and by phone. Read about the birth of the booth and more about the original vision here.

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Your Part:

Have you had a Therapy Booth Session, Love Sign, Living Inquiry, Creative Freedom Class or Other Experience with The Therapy Booth that you’d like to share? Please tell us about your experience in the responses section on this page. Thank you!



6 Responses to “About”

  1. Jesse says:

    The UI sessions I have had with Carin are simple, straightforward and elegant in reaching the Truth of any situation or issue.

  2. Shawn Lewis says:

    I found Carin to be an excellent {Living Inquiries] facilitator. She communicated clearly and provided a safe environment to go through the process in.

    In my experience, sometimes facilitators keep a distance in order to maintain their place as a guide. It felt to me like Carin was right by my side, but still able to provide clear, insightful guidance in the direction of the process. She listened to and heard me. Above all, she gave me as much space as I needed to have my own process.

    Through the whole process, she was interactive and lively, with a great sense of humor and when it came to the difficult parts of my process, she she was there with a lot of gentle support.

    She’s a great person, IMO and great at what she does. I highly recommend her.

  3. Shina says:

    I have known Carin for about 3 years and I can write a million things about how amazing, creative, and loving Carin is but instead I’m going to write about my experiences in the creative writing workshops.

    I was a participant in her workshop earlier this year and I was impressed with how creative writing can be therapeutic not only for our clients and therapists but for everyone! The reason I took this class was my curiosity and interest in how writing can be used in sessions with clients. Carin started off with some exercises and opened it up for discussion. It helped me and some other ppl to open up after Carin opened up and shared some personal examples and this brought a fun and interesting discussion! Her personality is genuine and loving and she doesn’t force anyone to share if they dont want too. She makes you feel comfortable and she is patient and understanding!

    I was able to use some of the exercises in Intensive Outpatient and group therapy and clients loved it!!! The 3 word sentences are such a great way for people to open up, form intimacy, and recognize their successes and failures given in a 10 year span. I was amazed at how much the creative writing and even drawing exercises helped clients to express feelings and be vulnerable. This is definitely helpful to people who have difficultly in expressing their feelings and they can express it in different ways such as art and journaling.

    I am a journaler and it has been my life saver in terms of helping me cope and deal with overwhelming emotions. I encourage anyone to participate and be open! You can discover a lot about yourself through writing 🙂

  4. Michelle says:

    Just to hear someone say, “you get to mourn however you want to and I’m not going to tell you that you’re wrong, why you’re better off, or try to make you feel better” is so much more nurturing than anything else I’ve heard today. Thank you.

  5. Jonathan says:

    Dear Carin,

    I came across your name through Scott Kiloby’s website. I have been practicing Vipassana for about 20 years. Most of it has been in the Thai and Burmese traditions; about a a year was in Advita. Unfortunately, I’ve recently burned out and feel that Vipassana is not the way for me for now. My teacher speaks highly of Scott’s work and has encouraged me to try a new path.

    I was wondering if you could advise me on how to get started.

    With warm regards,


    • Carin says:

      Hi Jonathan, I sent you an email directly suggesting we have a chat. Vipassana is a great primer for Living Inquiries! Looking forward to connecting. Check your gmail. cc

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