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A Wave to Create

on February 14, 2013

Sometimes I feel this wave, this movement of energy in the body that seems to say, “Make something. Write something. Draw something.”


Tonight this wave is coming through as I’m about to turn off this computer and lie down. It’s been a sweet Valentine’s Day, not too much different from most other days, but I did seem to notice a rose-colored tinge on things.

The word Namaste was in my head as I was moving to head off to bed, and that sensation to express was there. As if I just wanted to turn to you, my friends, and wish you some sweet Valentine’s love, from your home away from home, here in The Therapy Booth.
If you didn’t already know, I’ve been working toward making us a proper home in a really cool Airstream motor home that I came across recently. Or it came across me — I don’t know. But it’s in my life and I’m having a definite romance with it. I’ll come back soon and share more about that.

Meanwhile, wishing you all the wellness in the world and big love from me to you.


rose colored glasses


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