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Hi friends! How are things in the realm of your own Therapy Booths? Things with me are super doodlerific. Always adventuring in multiple streams of inspiration, the main one over the last year has been the wild world of doodling! Since I last wrote here, I published a book and am about 3/4 finished with its successor. (Stay tuned for Doodle Book Junior, this summer!)

I continue to offer classes in-person and on-line, and I’m inspired to share simple creativity with anyone who is open to it and desiring of it. There is no such thing as being “not creative,” and if I can help others connect with that truth in themselves, I am grateful.

I’ve been distinguishing that my style of doodling — of course — has its own flavor, and — of course! — it has a specific therapeutic taste. That is, the prompts I offer and the ways I suggest to use them give us all a sense of personal connection and an opportunity to connect with others in really fresh ways.

Please visit the Doodle Outreach website to find out about all of the cool things happening, including some upcoming events. I have yet to doodle an assistant into being, so I update things as I get to them, and I owe The Therapy Booth site some attention!

Just know that it’s all related. Whether I’m guiding resting exercises or facilitating inquiry or making messes with finger paints and glitter, it’s all here for relaxation, opening, connection with our deepest hearts’ callings, and overall well being!

Here’s a little gift for you from my book, 365 Days of Doodling (Discovering the Joys of Being Creative Every Day):


I can’t wait to see what you make, and I hope you will share your doodles with your friends and family! #startanyday

Let me know if I can be of use, and stay tuned for lots more fun stuff to come.

Much love from my Therapy Booth to yours!
~ Carin

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